October 4, 2014

Man, I’m so glad I still got you guys on board here. For a moment I thought that once I let in that I was at some stage of my life a jailbird, I’d be scaring a whole bunch of people away. Then again, I do remember saying that I’ve learned my lessons in life and having become a great fan of being healthy and fit, I’ve turned my blogging biz into something of a family enterprise, meaning, of course, that growing up kids can read too. And again, out of a population of billions, I’m not the only guy in the world that has done time.

In fact, there may be guys out there that are reading this right now and are still doing time. So, if you’re any one of those guys, please behave yourselves. We’re like running a family business here, alright. Right. Now, just remember this one thing, many of you guys that are inside and reading this may be doing so illicitly. You’ve had your mobiles smuggled inside. That’s not good because that means you’re still breaking the law. But then again, many of you simply want to get on with life, keep in touch with the outside world, keep in touch with your families perhaps and learn new stuff so you know you’re ready for real life once you’re outside again.

Hang in there, guys, your time will come. Soon you will be free, free as a bird, just like me, whoopee! But it’s also great that in many westernized countries out there, the institutions have allowed those privileges that also help guys to simply get on with their lives. Like using the internet, for instance. Like me, once upon a time. Back in the day, I wasn’t someone for books, and the internet was still quite a new thing. Anyway, I volunteered to work in the prison library. It was quiet in there anyhow. Also, I got to trolley around books from cell block to cell block, so I was out and about.

It was a bit scary sometimes, you can imagine that can’t you. Anyway, it wasn’t long before they started running workshops teaching guys how to use a computer and how to use the internet responsibly. Soon, many of us were hooked, in a healthy sort of way, I mean. I think guys should have limited access at least. Not so much to keep in touch, but mainly to prepare themselves for a new, good life and learn new things. Heck, today you can even go to school and study online. Many guys are doing it, so why the heck not you as well.

That’s if you want to go far in this life. It’s a hard, hard life if you can’t adjust yourself well to it. And you can learn to be a good sport too, if you like. In fact, this is something I’d go for any day. What could be better than spending some time outside instead of hours and hours in one small room? So, no matter where you are in the world, what your circumstances are, what job you’re doing, try to get outside once in a while already. It’s good for you and it’s healthy. Man, it’s nice to feel the warm sun on your arms every once in a while.

Hey, I’m doing my best out here, alright. I made a conscious decision to start doing a bit of writing for you guys. And while I’m living it up as a writer, I’m having a good time as well. Today and tomorrow, I’m stuck inside, sorry for the bad turn of phrase, but that’s just the nature of my personal circumstances. It’s the money, you see. No-one seems to be able to get along without it, right. Actually, we’re wrong on that. There’s plenty much you can do outside without having to bother with money. In fact, most of the outdoor adventures I enjoy these days don’t cost much.

And if they don’t cost much, they don’t cost a bean at all. Here’s the thing; I’m stuck inside because I kind of messed up my budget these last few days. Stupid, stupid me, you could just say. So, here I am. I’m typing my fingers blue so I can like get paid, you see. Money still seems to be the great motivator. But at least there’s plenty of hard work out there for guys that want to work. There’s no need to go underground and do anything illegal. You don’t want to go there. Let me tell you this much, it’s no picnic being inside.

So, do yourself and your family a huge favor, keep yourself on the straight and narrow. The rewards come later and you’ll be so glad you waited patiently and worked so hard. Geez, I’ve spent so much time talking that the time just flew away. Time does that when your mind is busy. It goes even faster when you’re doing stuff you really enjoy.

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