November 29, 2016

Okay, guys don’t know if the saying is true for you over there, no matter where in the world you are today.

Cowboys don’t cry. Man, since my earliest days, I’ve never been known to be one of those cry babies. Can I say this? Don’t know what you call them where you are, and hey ‘girls’, no disrespect meant, but from a young age, I was always taught that it was only sissies who cried. As hard as my two years inside were, I never shed a tear there either.

But by the time I got out, I soon discovered that it was a real man’s world out there. It was a voyage of new discoveries out there. Those group therapy suggestions I suggested to you earlier, well, you better believe it, it happens, real men do cry. And right about now I feel like shedding a tear or two. I’ve also not been one of those to easily share my touchy feely feelings with complete strangers, but hey guys, I feel as though I’m getting to know you.

So, what the heck, right. The thing about writing about the past which was not always grand is that bad memories crop up. You are reminded about the pain you went through before. One good lesson I got while I was inside and at those group therapy sessions I started going to was that it’s never a good idea to look back in anger at your past. You’ve got to like keep moving forward. Keep yourself on the straight and narrow and keep looking ahead of you. Don’t know what it says in your books but it’s like the ancient Bible text about this girl who looked back at her burning city after she was told not to.

And because she never heeded the warnings, she got turned into a pillar of salt. Salt or sodium or however you’d like to look at it, is bad for you. Too much sodium obtained mainly from processed foodstuffs and that stupid shaker of yours, clogs up your arteries and can put pressure on your heart. You eat honest to goodness natural food, all you can get from your fruits and vegetables, and even your red meat, but minus the fat, hormones and all that other crap that the commercial butcheries like to stick in it, and hey presto, you have no salt, see.

Next time you hit the supermarket, pay attention guys, never mind the girls, there’s plenty of time for action – but keep it clean, guys, and don’t forget to protect yourself (and her) – and pay attention to your shopping list. Make sure there’s no salt on it. But if you really must and you need to give your taste buds a break, rather go in for organic Himalayan salt. But when you use it to season your protein pieces, still use that salt sparingly. And see how far we have come with this post. Glad I’ve changed tack. Like I said, I’m not one of those guys who can talk too easily by exposing himself and all.

But I sure am going to give it a try. Heave ho and a huge intake of breath, let’s give it a go, shall we. I have been meaning to make an effort to do this anyhow so may’s well try and get it off of my muscular shoulders – bragging rights due to me because I’m still working out. This is where the trail started off for me. But even so, I’m probably not going to expose myself even if I tried. Let’s try and keep it positive then. Yes, I was a bad guy once; supermarkets didn’t like me too much, if you catch my drift. One too many warnings later and into the slammer I went.

During those group therapy sessions, I soon learned that I wasn’t such a bad guy after all. Depression and hard life circumstances can cause you to do some crazy things you would never have dreamed of doing, and maybe you never really wanted to do it in the first place. My excuse was that I always thought I was hungry, yes, I was brought up in a hard neighborhood, but in actual fact, I was quite a greedy bastard. It was never enough for me. Fortunately, I discovered running as way out from my personal problems. So, there, I love to run.

I could run like the wind. It was a great way to get rid of frustrations deep down inside in a healthy way. I never needed to do crime no more and I certainly never needed to take it out on someone I never meant to hurt. Two big lessons, which maybe some of you reading this stuff might also need, is going to close this trailblazing post. Actually, make that three things then. Guys, no matter how bad things seem to be, always be satisfied with what you’ve got. Don’t ever look back at the past and always learn from your mistakes.

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