February 21, 2017

This should have been a tough post to write.

A case of going back to the drawing board if you will. But no biggie because I have all my notes right here with me. What we’re going to be doing again is have another look at those protein shakes. Call it a recap if you like but I honestly don’t believe that enough guys out there are paying enough attention. They’re just too darn eager to try out the fandangled wonder products before learning just how to shape up with them good and proper and finding out if they’re like actually supposed to use them. So, on to the big question; what are protein shakes.

Right, guys, I’ve been through all of my notes.

Believe you me, these notes are legit. Well, they should be anyhow. And like I said in a previous post; don’t take my word for it. Just so you know, I got all my notes from the internet. A great bunch of talented guys put the info together. All I’m doing her is giving you the wrap of what they said. Chances are pretty good that I’m not even going to be able to cram it all in to this post.

As far as I’m concerned, that’s cool. As far as you are concerned, if you want more information on protein shakes, there it is in front of you. It’s called the internet. Use it at will. Right, guys, let’s fire away. Randomly. Rattatatat!

It’s a muscle builder!

It’s the best thing since sliced bread (since before they told you it – the bread – was no good for you). They say it’s the quickest and easiest way to build up muscles and reduce recovery times during interval training and weight training sessions.

Useful tips on how to use the stuff

Start by learning how to make organic low in sugar shakes and smoothies. Don’t know how to start? Come on guys, where’ve you been. What did I say earlier? Use the flipping internet already. There’s loads of creative organic recipes for you to research and download for your files. You’ll quickly learn how not to overcompensate and balance your ingredients like a pro. The trick is to not overdo it with the protein content in a single drink, bearing in mind that you still have the rest of the day to attend to your protein requirements in your regular meals.

Keep scoops to a bare minimum

One of the main reasons why a lot of guys fail miserably in getting the best effects out of their shakes is that they get carried away and take way above what has been prescribed to them on the product label. And some guys even o-d on the stuff.

For starters, you only need one modest scoop of powder. This contains no more than twenty five grams of protein. You also need to check that the amount of protein ingested throughout the day is equal to your body mass and build. On the average, you need up to two grams of protein per kilo of your bodyweight during the day (check with your math teacher the equivalent you need per pound of bodyweight – like I said before, I never finished math at high school). If you weigh around my weight, say eighty to eighty five kilos then you’re going to need about one thirty plus grams of protein per day.

Just to show you quickly you can make up this average in a single day, take a look at this. One single low in fat and skinless free range chicken breast already contains about thirty grams of protein. So, like, just another one hundred to go, right.

Work on your regular protein diet

And then a lot of guys forget about their regular diet, how that should pan out for them. Remember my earlier posts on carbohydrates and proteins? Maybe take another look-see at them? Depending on the intensity and regularity of your weight training, you’re going to need to regulate your protein intake. No need to go over the limit. One shake a day could take you to your quota for the day. Maybe on the days you’re not doing weight training, mix protein powder, just one small scoop, remember, with your morning smoothie, just to help you with your recovery process from the previous day.

Healthy food sources include your lean beef strips, chicken and turkey and fish. Just makes sure the meat sources are clean and you’ve eradicated as much of the fat as possible. You can do this easily enough by sticking with free range sources. With fish again, also read the product labels to check out that you’re not chowing on threatened or endangered species. Also, with fish again, you can eat to your heart’s content on the fish oil, because it’s good for you. The fish has the all-important omega three fatty acids which our bodies strangely cannot manufacture.

Tuna is cool as a light-weight meal with leafy greens and tomatoes and even a dash of chili.

The science

Properly mixed protein shakes are made up of two main ingredients; BCAAs and leucine. What’s that? Glad you asked. Here it is then. BCAAs is an easy to remember acronym for branched chain amino acids. This is need for your muscle growth. The leucine is the important acid that you need to ‘stimulate muscle protein synthesis and growth’. Three grams of leucine kick-starts your muscle building process.

Reminder: read the label!

Look, guys, if you can read my posts – and thanks for that, by the way, much appreciated – you can read the darn product label. And another thing; don’t go cheap on your health. Stay right away from the cheap supermarket trash. When you do that, you end up with excess carbohydrates and fats that your body doesn’t need. You’ll end up putting on weight in those places where you were supposed to be losing it. It will also mean that no muscles, repeat, no muscles will be built up effectively. And whatever muscles you do have could end up being pretty darn sore.

And your recovery process will take even longer than it’s supposed to.

Well guys, I’m feeling really pretty chuffed. I’ve achieved something really quite major here. Sure as anything, the guy editing my posts – the keyword guy – is going to be even more chuffed. I’ve given you guys quite a bit of information, and that’s without even trying too hard. Just goes to show you what a good bit of reading practice gets right for you. I’m feeling all scholarly-like. So, here’s what I’m gonna do for my next two posts. I’m going to shorten them, just to make up for this good bit of work I’ve done for you here. Hope he doesn’t mind.

But you shouldn’t. It’ll be entertaining reading anyhow. Guaranteed.

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