August 1, 2014

I’m Dan the man and I love to run. You’ll be blown away to learn that me running and running, and still running wasn’t always for all the right reasons. In fact, let me start this blog off by saying that in the past, I was always running from the fuzz. My misdemeanors may have been petty in comparison to some of the grievous deeds being committed today but they were very bad things still. Now that I’ve spent some time inside and have rehabilitated myself, I feel it is my duty to share with you what I’ve learned and what I’ve experienced so far in my new life as a guy who loves to run and go on healthy outdoor adventures.

In fact, let me just say this much to you guys; I’ve learnt so much stuff about being healthy and fanatically fit that I’ve actually started to make a killing out of this –okay, guys, I know what you’re all thinking, not like that guys, if that was me, well, I’m pretty damn sure I’d still be inside, and that’s a fact, guys, it’s a serious, serious offence. In fact, I even learnt that if you’re just thinking the deed, like you’re just thinking you’d like to ring someone’s neck because he’s irritating you so much, it’s just as bad. So, peace brothers.

Make love, not war. Make love your new normal today. But while I may be spreading some daisies here and there, this is not what this new project of mine is all about. Here, let me run through this with you quickly. This is a health-oriented blog. Its clean living and its clean thoughts all the way through. So, if you have young teenagers under your roof, I guess they can read too. I’m writing this stuff mostly from the man’s point of view – because that’s what I am, right, a man. But there’s no reason why girls can’t give my posts a look-see as well.

It all boils down to the same thing. What’s good for the gander is good for the goose too. I’m also writing up my stuff from a personal point of view. Since my time spent inside and my first months of freedom, I’ve become quite an outdoorsy kind of guy. I’m one of those guys who’ll get withdrawal symptoms if I haven’t spent at least a couple of hours out in the sun, or under the storm clouds, as the case seems to be today as I write this introductory post about me, myself, I, Dan the man, Dan the guy who loves to run.

Not running from the law. Not like that. No way, Jose. More like running up trails, dudes, and taking part in marathons and ten kay weekend events. If I’m not out on a run, you can find me somewhere in my local gym. I learned how to work out while I was still inside. Other than playing ping-pong, watching cable or reading, there wasn’t much else to do. Unless you wanted to break the law all over again. But not me, I’ve learned my lesson. I’d rather be outside than inside if you get my drift. I’m going to be talking about what makes me want to run as fast as my legs can carry me.

Then I’m also going to talk about something else I really love doing these days. Not out of greed, but really, guys, eating can be fun. It can be a healthy mindset. And that’s what I’m going to be talking about. I’m going to be talking about healthy aspects of good eating habits. I’m going to be talking about the use of carbohydrates and proteins in the healthy, active man’s diet. And I’m also going to be talking about those protein shakes that some of those big, muscular dudes in the gym are so addicted to. Let me tell you this much, guys, unhealthy addictions – and this is something I learnt inside too – are no damn good for you.

In fact, if you’re not too careful, it could even kill you. And I’m not even talking about banned narcotics, every day stuff that you’ll find on your supermarket shelves. What else? Oh, yeah, let’s talk about supplements in general, what’s good and what’s not. And then we’ll talk until the sun goes down about my outdoor adventures and why I think you should have some too. And why I love to run. I’m the guy who loves to run, and I’m Dan the man, loving every minute of my new life as a healthy, fit guy.

How’s my writing, by the way? I can’t say that I’m not enjoying it, actually, I am. It’s just that it’s pretty damn hard work sometimes. I’m one of those guys that can’t sit still for longer than an hour. Then I’ve got to start moving again. It’s a good thing, actually, because it sure ain’t healthy to be sitting in one spot for well over an hour. Guys, I gotta run. See ya!

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