December 9, 2014

Man, I had such a blast in my last gig with you that I never got around to talking about some of my outdoor adventures I enjoy. But don’t you worry, there’s plenty of time for that. In fact, why don’t I start rattling off some of that now with you? I was planning to talk about why I love carbs. It’s going to be a nice lead in to why it’s still important for active guys to include carbohydrates in their weekly diet. We’re going to do all of that, don’t you worry. In fact, let me make some notes on this so that I don’t forget. Then I can head off for a quick run before I carry on with this show here.

Some outdoor adventures I enjoy

I didn’t go for that run after all. Man, I was blasted til kingdom come. So, here’s what I decided to do. I decided to hop into the bed and get a few pages of reading done. But I didn’t last longer than two pages. That’s how lethargic I was feeling. It happens. Even the most active-brained and physically active guys get tired every once in a while. And to take a nap in the afternoon is no big deal if you’re on track with your work. Never mind that I’m not doesn’t mean you can go on and roll over and cover your ears with that duvet.

Guys, I read somewhere that this is known as a power nap. I read some great men in this world used to do this. Today, many folks out in those Latino countries are still doing it. There they call it siesta time. Everything literally shuts down for a couple of hours and then like clockwork everyone is back to work again. So, there you have it. I took my power nap. Only the thing was I couldn’t catch a wink. I guess I had too many things on my mind. Like money issues and falling behind with my work. But all good, in a couple of days, I’ll be back to my usual self. Out and about during the day and back to the grindstone later in the afternoon or evening to get some typing done.

While I was still typing up my last post for you guys, I had a brainy idea. I thought; let’s talk about a really neat outdoor adventure that actually gets to help people. It’s also good for the environment, you see. Bored, nothing to do? Down on your luck and no money in your pocket. Don’t be so sure. You could make a killing just by walking around your neighborhood picking up bottles and empty plastic containers. Well, it depends on your neighborhood, I guess. If it’s pretty run down like mine is then you can be sure there’s plenty of bottles and plastic to collect.

Only the thing is; there’s plenty of poor folks about here already doing the dirty work. Either way, it’s a great outdoor adventure, I guess. It’s a clean one too because you’re doing a good turn by cleaning up your neighborhood and helping to save the environment. Plastic like you won’t believe gets collected big time and re-cycled and re-used instead of landing in some poor bird or fish’s stomach. All the while you are walking out and about so you’re already getting exercise. Arms and biceps get a good lift, picking up all the trash about.

Why I got to like carbs in the first place

Okay, so when I was inside, the prison food we got to eat wasn’t exactly what you would call entirely healthy and nutritious and even appetizing. It was better than nothing, I tell you. I was lucky too, I suppose. We’re a civilized lot by now and even the authorities cottoned on to the importance of feeding mentally unhealthy guys healthy food. But inside, it was never going to be an exact science. Healthy or not, we did end up with plenty of carbs. Mostly of the soggy meat and potatoes variety. Carbs by the way – what’s up with this spellchecker of mine, it keeps on drawing a red stripe through that word – is short for carbohydrates.

And there’s plenty of bad carbohydrates to go with the good carbs you need if you’re a pretty active guy like me. But why or how did I get to love chowing my carbs? Let me talk to you a bit about that one. I told you I love to run. Man, do I love to run. Anyway, it’s the second last night before the big event you’ve got to look out for. The big event is that marathon you’re going to crack. Here, we call it a twenty six miler. Many of you guys will be talking in kilometers. So, the marathon race is just over forty two kilometers.

Man, we’ve run out of time again. Blast! But don’t worry, guys, I keep my promises, so I’ll carry on with this story in the next post.

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