August 17, 2015

I’m pretty sure that my last post on combining protein and carbohydrates was not that much of a mouthful. I kept my notes short on purpose because I know many of you guys already have quite a lot going for you on your plates. Some of you will have to make pretty radical changes while others will continue to do what you know and like best. You’ll also know that there’s plenty enough meat on the bones where solid information on carbohydrates and protein is concerned. This time around, it’s back to trying to do a bit of trailblazing where outdoor adventures are concerned.

I must tell you about those outdoor adventures

And if you go through this post quickly, you’ll see that I’ve saved up those sub-headings I left behind as well. They’re all out there. Go, have a look quickly in case you don’t believe me. Do that before you carry on reading then. How to put it then? I’m blasted at this point in time. I can barely see the typo in front of me. It’s like almost bedtime for me over here. Right about now, I am thinking of breaking away from my desk tomorrow for at least half the day. My body and mind needs that break, but what to do, seeing as I’ve got so many outdoor interests.

Lucky for me, I guess, and lucky for me that any one of these activities are on my doorstep or a hop, skip and jump of a bus ride away from me. A walk through the botanical gardens, walking under these huge oak trees that have been standing there for centuries calms me right the way down. A walk, not so much a hike – remember, I only have half a day because I still gotta work – up the mountain until I get at least halfway up to stand still and turn around and gasp at the ocean view, causes me to heave my cage real deep like.

Pity the ocean’s waters look a little choppy out there because I wouldn’t mind a nice boat ride or shallow dive to frolic with the sea’s local dolphins, seals and sharks, yup, them too. And we’ve got great whites on the other side of the mountain.

Man on the run

I’ve been a man on the run both figuratively and literally for most of my life. While I’ve made some good changes to my life, I must warn you that positive change doesn’t happen overnight. Sometimes it can take months or years to see the fruits of your labors. And that’s the fact, guys; you’ve like actually got to sweat it out. Lucky for me, I’m no spiritual guy, so most of the time I’m putting my ass into gear instead of rattling off a number of mantras which they say produces miracles. Don’t get me wrong, guys, I do believe in miracles, but here’s the thing guys, actions speak louder than words.

Today, I want results. Actually, it’s nighttime here, pretty late, actually, so tomorrow then. And no, I’m not putting things off. I’ve written it all down in my desk diary so’s I don’t forget. The big thing I want to get right tomorrow is finish three big work assignments. And that’s still with getting out and about for half my day. Yep, it’s taking a huge chance but I reckon after these last couple of trying days, it’s worth the shove.

I can almost feel a huge sigh of relief or a huge boost coming on. That way I’m more than willing to put in the graveyard shift. And then we can look forward to the next day. But not so fast guys. We still need to keep it real. Just one day at a time. Get manageable tasks done and dusted for the day and then we can start thinking about what tomorrow will bring.

Man on the run, the story continues

It’s like when you’ve skipped a training run, and boy, I’ve done that many a time, one day missed means you’ve got even more catching up to do later on. Having to always play catch up with your life is, quite literally, distressing. But go ahead guys, if you really get a thrill out of high stress and anxiety levels, go ahead and pour yourself another cup of antidepressant coffee and skip a workout today why don’t you. In fact, don’t bother getting up and see how long you get to stay in your job. Lying low is like giving up on life.

Three outdoor adventures I enjoy

And when you give up like that, you add more woes. You don’t really want that now do you. Life’s good, it’s what you make of it and it’s what you’re prepared to put into it. And in doing that, you need to learn to let loose a little. Getting that right these days does mean doing it healthy and right this time. Forget about the late nights and save up your energy for outdoor adventures over the weekends. Like going out on a long, slow run out in the country all by myself. Or taking a lone hike up my favorite mountain. Or taking a blast from my past taking a really fast walk through my old neighborhood, still dangerous at night at the time of punching out this post for you.

Three more suggestions if you’re just starting out

Come on guys, you gotta admit it. You all have dreams of doing something adventurous for once in your life. But many of you are still so sheet scared to try. Can’t blame you. You’re still human and many of you have been sitting on your asses plenty much. Start then with things you can manage for a few minutes. Like feeding the pigeons in the park. Or raking up the leaves in your neighbor’s yard. Or helping an old lady with her parcels down at the store.

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