October 23, 2017

Oh shoot!

And shoot again. I was more chuffed than ever before while I was writing that last post up for you guys. So much so that I never got a chance to finish what I wanted to say. It’s something called the second wind. Marathon runners get it a lot if they’ve trained really well for their race. They’re on a healthy high, the adrenalin is up and pumping and they get to run a lot faster than they planned, sometimes even smashing their PB.

So, while sharing with you some more thoughts on outdoor adventures, I’m going to carry on chatting to you about seeking and finding healthy food ingredients for your regular and in-between meals and what you could be doing with them.

Okay, no more shoot this and shoot that. Let’s rather shoot for the stars then.

Nah, guys, I’m not going to foul up my post by using foul language. I respect you guys too much. And if I have used it in the past, then please accept my apologies. I’m down on my knees and I humbly do apologize. I guess what I was meaning to say was this. Instead of dejection, I should be looking forward to this because – yippee – we’re going to be looking at more outdoor adventures today. I guess why I was feeling a bit down is that I initially felt that this was going to be one heck of a mountain to climb. Because, hey guys, there’s just so many outdoor adventures out there.

And to think that I came into this post on such a high. Well, now that the doom and gloom has been lifted and I’ve given myself a kick up the backside, let’s get on with it then. If you’re a guy that is deskbound with work like I am, just remember to take regular breaks. Doesn’t matter how flexible your body is and how active you are outside of your working hours. Believe you me the lethargy really gets to a guy. This coming from a guy who prefers to spend most of his time outdoors.

Two shakes

Probably a few more if you’re mixing up a powdered solution of protein power. Anyway, learn how to make lightweight smoothies and juices. This is ideal if you’re going to be blending a small scoop of protein powder into it. Focus on greens, and maybe even mulch up a green avo because that’s the king of veggie protein packers. But if you’re strong (or high) on protein, focus more on fruits, giving yourself more antioxidant variety to help stave off exposure to harmful toxins which could catch you unawares if you’re working out in a gym crammed full of guys or out in the bush on your next outdoor adventure.

A bit between the teeth then; because irony of ironies, where’s the disease when you’re out in nature. I mean, isn’t the air supposed to be so clean and fresh out there?

How to find cool and healthy ingredients that your body needs

Okay, I can say this now because you’ve taken time out to re-read that post on protein shakes. About the best place to feed yourself with valuable info is your local internet service provider. What I like most about the internet is that not only are you finding lists and lists of important food sources your body needs to survive and strive, you’re also fed with valuable information on what these food sources are made up of and how they help your body.

And what the heck to make with them

Surprise, surprise; this is for all those guys that have barely seen the inside of a kitchen. Salute, this is for you guys.

You thought cooking was for girls? You thought it was only the wife of the house that did all the cooking, cleaning, washing and ironing? Think twice, guys, this is the twenty first century. Think again why you’re still single. Time for a mindset change. Anyway, I can tell you that to cook is real easy. I know. They taught me how when I was inside. In any case, a lot of time you don’t even need to do much cooking. A lot of the ingredients can be enjoyed raw. It’s healthier that way too because you’re keeping in all the foods’ natural nutrients.

I could tell you what you can do with all those ingredients, but then again, not. The internet is already feeding you with dozens and dozens of cool and easy ideas.

Outdoor adventures I’d like you to enjoy

Time is running out on me again, so I guess I’d better finish off rather with a nice suggestion. For your next outdoor adventure, why don’t you help a poor feller out then? Maybe go and visit an orphanage or NGO and see if you can put a nice, small group of girls and boys together and take them out on an outing and see stuff they’ve never seen before. And me, I’ll be seeing you real soon.

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