March 15, 2015

I must tell you about those outdoor adventures

That’s the great thing about this blogging gig. Because it’s a personal one it gets to have a life of its own. You remember how the last post turned out? I was saying one thing, promising to talk to you about this, that and the other, and ended up getting no further than how I got to love chowing down my carbs. Only, I didn’t even get to tell you that. Not only that, I didn’t even get to the rest of the stuff. Now that I’m warmed up to the idea, I’m not even bothered by it and I’m actually starting to get quite excited about it.

Man on the run

They call this a serialized blog. It keeps things interesting and watch the excitement build up, doesn’t matter what the guy is talking about. The guy that dished out the keywords for me to work with has got brains, I tell you. Doesn’t matter how I put the words into the white space, I just have to make sure that it makes some good sense. And that same guy has got balls as well, because you have to, come on guys, you have to agree, this blog is starting to get quite entertaining. Why be so serious? Laughter is the best medicine, didn’t you know.

Why I got to like carbs in the first place

And see how creative you get to be with words. See how far I have come in this post. Go back to the beginning, guys. Let’s start from there again. I was determined that I was going to have my say, pick up from where I left you last time. I wanted to carry on jabbering to you why I got to love my carbs in the first place. I backtracked again, deliberately so, because I wanted to have another crack at telling you about my outdoor adventures. I felt as though I had left you in the lurch; only two adventures mentioned so far; running the marathon and picking up the trash.

The big issue of carbohydrates today

I’m always on the run, and I’m carrying on with my paragraphing exercise in this fashion deliberately. I want you to enjoy the exercise as well. Like I said, I’m always on the run. Man, do I love to run. And I’m gonna keep on running and see where it takes me. But no matter where you are in life and what your call to nature is, you better be careful because your stomach can run too. And sometimes it doesn’t run at all. That’s pretty bad at times. It all depends what kinda carbs you’re loading and what time of the day you’re ploughing it in.

When is the right time to take in carbs?

Provided it’s the good carbohydrates, you’ve got to have your carbs. No man or woman can go without his or her carbs. And when you place those carbs on your plate, make sure you’ve got a bit of greens and proteins on the plate as well. This gives you a healthy balance. The Italians have been doing it for years. They’re famous for their great variety of pasta dishes. But one thing that’s never missing from their sauces or plates is a healthy dose of meat. Italians are pretty healthy too. Look at the soccer guys. They’ve had some pretty good marathoners over the years as well.

The sports active man’s diet

Never mind Mo Farah, he’s coached by my great pal, Alberto Salazar – a Cuban-American, by the way, there was this guy called Alberto Cova, and he won Olympic gold in the ten thousand meter track event. Then there was this guy called Bordin. He took the Seoul marathon by the scruff of the neck and was the surprise winner then. Alberto can tell you a thing or two about surprises and upsets. In his time, this old dude, already pushing forty, Carlos Lopes from Portugal went on to win the LA marathon. And you had to see what this guy was putting into his plate at night before the big event.

Man on the run, the story continues

I’ve run a few marathons myself, some good, some pretty bad. I’ve clocked some good times as well, all under three hours but never as close to what the big leaguers have achieved. And imagine that. Once upon a time running a marathon in under two hours twenty was considered to be quite a big deal. And then Alberto came and ran a couple of two hours eight minute marathons. Awesome and amazing. But now they’re talking about clocking marathons in under two hours flat. Incredible! Check out the size of those dudes.

You’d swear they were all starving, but wait until you see what they’ve parceled onto their plates. These are the carbo-loading champions of the world, I tell you. Makes my mouth water just typing it all down. And boy have I had fun doing it this time around.

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