September 1, 2016

This is a tricky post to write.

The thing is, while I’m going to be making suggestions to you on mad-cap outdoor adventures to try out, I’ve never even tried them myself.

So, how the heck am I going to substantiate the fact these would be cool outdoor activities to try? So, here’s what I’m going to do then. I’m going to write to my heart’s content, explaining away why I think these may be neat tricks for you to try out. Because many of these sports and recreational activities are still not popular as in the case with NFL or basketball or soccer (had to mention that one, because I know a lot of guys out there love this sport and it’s also the world’s most popular sport, didn’t you know), and because some of them are pretty tricky, they’re called extreme sports.

Roller blading

And if you pay real close attention, you’ll see that there’s some sensible guys out there. I know a lot of guys and girls don’t do this – you’ve seen it in the movies, I’m sure, those bikini girls along the beachfront, man oh man – but these nerdy guys where helmets. Doesn’t matter how cool you think you are and no matter what extreme sport you’re adventuring into, always wear a helmet.


Skateboarding is like surfing on concrete. Only make sure that you kit yourself good and proper with knee pads, elbow pads, a good, hard helmet and thick clothing so that when you do fall, you don’t graze yourself or knock yourself unconscious.

May as well add surfing in as well

It’s kind of romantic, this one. The ancient Hawaiians had been doing it for centuries. I know he loved basketball; he even had a court put in while he was at the Whitehouse, but seeing as he grew up there, I wonder if old Barry tried this one out. Being the man that he is, he probably did. Man, I like this dude; he’s such a regular guy.

Bungi jumping

This is taking that giant leap of faith to the extreme. Since I first heard about this popular sport – it was invented down in New Zealand, actually, it wasn’t, it’s been around for centuries, some ancient tribes, many of which no longer exist, they’re like extinct, you see, just like a great many of the birds, fishes and animals out there in the wild – it has scared the crap out of me. You will have heard of it, so no need to show you the ropes here. But I’d like to try it out someday, just to see how my faith has grown. Or not.

Long distance trail running

Okay, okay, I digress. This is one of my favorite sports. I’m a regular participant these days. And by regular, I only mean maybe four times a year, because this is extreme. Go ahead, you try. You try running twenty miles or more every weekend on these tough trails. In between those few events, you’ll be doing loads of on-trail training, just like you would have been doing when training for a regular marathon on those boring concrete pavements or sidewalks or roads.

Mountain biking

And I’ve tried this sport out too. But I’ve fallen on my ass one too many times, so haven’t been back to this one too many times. I seem to have a problem with co-ordination and balance, but if you’re in the same boat (yes, do that too, I did say this before, didn’t I, go fishing every once in a while), you can still learn.

Deep sea diving

This is one of those outdoor adventures I’ve really been dying to get my head into.

Ballroom dancing

Here’s another one of those sports that I’ve always been too scared to try out. Why was I scared? Well, I always thought that this sport – and yes, it is a sport these days – was, like, for ‘girls’.


And again, forgive me for saying it but yes, I’ve played this one too, many times in fact. So many times inside that I became prison champ and I got to get outside every once in a while and compete against other guys in other counties. And I won a few shows too. So, you’re sitting on your ass the whole time. So what. But here’s the thing, you’re working out your brain the whole time. This is a great way to improve your thinking skills if you never finished math at high school like I never did. And if you think this ancient game is too tough for you, you can always play checkers.

And there’s plenty more extreme sports out there, you take your pick. Just go to the internet and there you go you’ll have your pick of outdoor adventures you might want to try out. And guys, it would, of course, also help if you get yourself into shape, mentally and physically, to take part in these sports and at least look like a pro.

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