June 24, 2016

I might be quite an opinionated kind of guy but if there’s one thing I’ve learned well during my time inside it is to not lead the other guys who know no less down the wrong path. Don’t be a bad influence on them and certainly don’t feed them with the wrong information. It has to be the case here because here we’re going to be talking about protein shakes. And do I believe protein shakes are good for you? Like I just said, you’re not going to be taking my word for it.

As to whether these shakes are good for us or not, well, we’re just going to have to find out, aren’t we. Let’s have a look-see. I’m going to do a bit of a brainy exercise here. First up, I’ve already done quite a bit of reading on the subject of protein shakes, so I’m going to give you a personal anecdote from my yard days and lead you in in the best possible way by putting down what I can remember from my reading. And then after that, if there’s any space left over, I’ll put some more meat on the bones for information’s sake.

Do I even like protein shakes?

And even if by some chance we do run out of time and space, well, I’ve got another post or two on protein shakes lined up just for you. Yep, there’s one more coming up. I had a look-see. And do I even like protein shakes? H’mm let me see. Yep, I do. It’s tasty and it’s yummy yum-yum. But only because I made it so. It’s not an original idea nor is it even hard to do. First of all, just read the product label already and make sure you don’t o-d on the stuff. A scoop or two, less than what the product label suggests, and you add it into your own smoothie which is already packed with plant based protein ingredients along with all the other minerals, vitamins and stuff.

The jailhouse rock; a blast from the past

I was introduced to protein shakes in the most unexpected way. Who would have thought? In a prison yard of all places. Nope, there ain’t no stereotype here. You’ve seen it in the movies, and you better believe it, it’s for real. That’s one of the few things the prison authorities ever got right. They got the guys books to read, even provided them with a PC, so’s they can learn to type like me and maybe even start looking for a job for when they get out. And they got the guys weights and stuff. You think about it, guys stuck in a cell for many hours at a time can get pretty frustrated.

And what better way to let off steam and get rid of their frustrations by working out, instead of knocking each other’s brains out and much, much worse. But there’s irony in this too. Where I come from, the guys love their NFL and basketball. So on weekends, the warders used to allow us to put a team together and have a ballgame or two. Me, I stayed right out of it, because you know what; the guys always seemed to end up fighting. I’m out of that, and I don’t take too much note of team sports on the cable networks either these days because, guess what, more damn fighting.

Make love, not war, isn’t that what the birds always sang. Anyway, so this is how I discovered the protein shakes. The big, beefy guys were already chugging it down by the gallon. How they got it inside, no-one really knows, least of all, not me. And I only started using shakes legitimately once I got outside. I was at the downtown gym, I even learned how to box properly (not that I intended fighting or anything like that, it’s just pretty good stomach crunching exercise), and the personal trainer there showed me how to use the protein supplement properly once he saw what a hard time I was having on the weights.

Are protein shakes good for you?

Yep, they’re pretty good for you, I reckon, but they’re only useful if you really need to take the stuff. If you really are packing on the pounds and exerting yourself in the extreme, you better believe that your body’s going to be losing loads of energy. So, whatever you’ve lost in terms of protein sources, you need to replenish yourself for when your next workout is due.

Reasons why protein shakes could be bad for you

It’s bad for you if you’re chugging it down like a soda. It’s bad for you if you’re not exerting yourself like I just said. It’s also possible that you can o-d on it, just like with hardcore drugs.

The meat on the bones

Call me smart-ass then, but I ended up righting off this post all by myself. Pretty neat, huh.

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