July 9, 2015

Man, I had such a lot of fun typing up my last blog post to you. What was it supposed to be all about? Oh, yes, we were supposed to be talking about me being on the run. You see, I learned something about writing while I was inside and after my first few hard years of freedom, I’ve continued this learning quest and put my writing practice to the test. The last post was a good play on me always being on the run. You’ll see now that I’ve saved my sub-headings and here we are going to be talking just about carbohydrates.

Why I got to like carbs in the first place

And something else very important called protein. But first, and as promised, let me tell you why and how I fell in love with my carbs. Back in the day before I ran away from home, my mom always served up at least one pasta meal a week. She tried her best to balance out our meals for the rest of the week but did we appreciate this, nope, never. Guys, I tell you. If it wasn’t creamy pasta sauces on Tuesday, I was always looking forward to the Sunday roast or barbecue. And, of course, you know what goes down on that occasion.

But no, I truly fell in love with excessive carbohydrates by the time I was fully immersed in the business of regular marathoning. As a competitive guy, you must know that a lot of mileage needs to go into the weekly training schedules. To get my ass nicely over those hills (I was never a strong hill runner before) I’d spend an hour or two in the gym packing on the weights. But meal times were absolutely gorgeous. To pack on the energy needed for long distance and sometimes fast paced running, I’d need to load up on the carbs.

The big issue of carbohydrates today

And I absolutely loved it. I could help myself to seconds of pasta. Why, because I could. But that’s all changed now. Today there’s a big move away from those creamy sauces and towards organic and gluten free alternatives. It’s not just for the guys that need to loaf on their couches but for the active guys too. A great carbohydrate based diet only really works well when there’s a nice fix of antioxidants and proteins on the side. And you get that from your organic veggies and free range meat.

The hard fact is that most popular carbo-loaded products on the supermarket shelves today are just no darn good for most of you guys. It’s all processed junk most of the way and it’s fixed with what they call bad carbs. These are no energy loaders, more like fat loaders. You want to stay away from this stuff if you value your ticker and want to live a long and happy life. Just look up on the internet what they mean by bad carbs and, good news, guys, good carbs. Yes, you can still enjoy carbs; it’s just that you’ve got to get the balance right.

When is the right time to take in carbs?

When ever is the right time is the question always been asked by negative guys. But we’re not negative, are we guys. If you get the balance of your weekly meal plan right you can easily start to define when’s a good time to load up on carbs. If you’re one of those guys that insist on keeping your backside glued to the couch, well, good luck with that. And good luck with the rest of your life. Right, now let me talk to the rest of the guys here. The beauty of being enormously active for at least six days of the week, in and out of the gym, doing the weights, and out and about on the roads, putting in the miles, is that you’re going to have plenty of space on your dinner plates for carbs. But leave a yard or so for your veggies and protein.

The sports active man’s diet

The great thing about being a really sporty, outdoorsy and active guy is that there’s always going to be place on your dinner plate for carbs. But not loads of them, let’s get that right, right now. So, no matter how active you are, you can never be solely preoccupied with carbohydrate filled ingredients. Your body might be craving it anyhow if you’re a really busy guy in the gym. So I guess you’ll never be selling your body short where protein is concerned. But like leaving out the creamy white sauces from your pasta dishes, go easy on the fat, guys. In fact, just to be on the safe side, lop it all off altogether, and stick with lean meat, free range cuts.

Combining protein and carbohydrates

A healthy dose of combining protein and carbohydrates will be a lot easier for those active and fit guys out there than it will be for your average and flabby Joe’s. These Joe’s need to be focused on cutting all forms of fat and white sugar from their diet altogether. And they also need to start thinking seriously about getting their asses off of the couch. Right, time’s up, outdoor adventures next. Cheers!

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