And I’m injured…

das boot 2, electric boogaloo?

das boot 2, electric boogaloo?


So Sunday night, I decided to go get a run in, to clear my head. Nothing major, nothing fast…just a few miles, me with my thoughts.

I got a mile out, and stepped off the side of the trail…rolling my right ankle. I went down like a giant sack o’ crap, and laid there for a minute taking stock: scraped hand, scraped left ankle, really really REALLY┬ásore right ankle. The run was done. Now I had to get home.

It took me a while but I hobbled home. I iced and wrapped it, and laid low that night and Monday with the girls. Yesterday I went in to have it checked and it’s a grade 1 sprain. Doc said if it swelled I should try my boot. I looked at him flatly and told him I’d be fine…the thought of putting the boot back on made my stomach turn a little.

Tonight, after getting home from work, I noticed my ankle was swollen, but it didn’t hurt as bad.┬áSo…das boot has returned. Meh.

Honestly, I’m feeling fairly upbeat. I needed a rest week, so now I can’t be stubborn and over do it. In theory in a few days I’ll be OK. The last year has taught me to not push and to listen to my body. So that’s what I’m doing. I can still do strength, and can eat clean.

Tonight I’m kicking back with a Moose Drool, Star Trek Into Darkness, and ice! Me likey!

More tomorrow…with Weigh-In Wednesday results!

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  1. Pete B says:

    Ouch! Hope the ankle gets better soon. Enjoy your beer!

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