Article: McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets branded ‘healthy’ by Weight Watchers – What is this? I don’t even…

My friend Lauren sent me this article this morning and I was speechless. I posted it to my FB page and commented briefly, but I felt a post was in order. Go read and come back. Maybe I’ll be calm by then. OK I’m not. This is obsurd!

Yes, it’s true…a couple years ago I lived on McDonald’s. I ate there almost daily, sometimes twice a day. I shudder at how much of this crap I shoveled into my face. Would I have bought into this new marketing? No, I don’t think so BUT I’m willing to bet I would have used it as an excuse to crap more food in my face.

McDonald’s chief executive¬† in New Zealand, Mark Hawthorne said, “This is a noble cause. We serve 1.5 million meals a week in New Zealand to 4 million people and we’re making every best effort to generate a change in behavior, to create an awareness in consumers about making healthy choices.”

Noble cause? Really? Really??? Come off it, man. This is an attempt to make money and it’s marketing, plain and simple; just like the McRunner dude…moron. Fast food is still fast food, it doesn’t matter what label you slap on it.

If McDonald’s wants to shed its reputation for unhealthy, high-fat food they should stop serving that crap. Oh sure, they’ve added salads and fruit options..but those aren’t the greatest options either. And sure, I suppose someone could lose weight eating Fillet-O-Fish sandwiches and Chicken McNuggets, but how healthy could high fat and high salt items be? Not very.

McDonald’s and Weight Watchers, are out to increase their share, make more money and could care less about the public. Do you think McDonald’s would even blink had I not made a change and had keeled over from a heart attack? Hell no! Life would go on for them as normal for them. And Weight Watchers? If they genuinely about people’s well being, they wouldn’t charge for a program.¬† Do you think they care if you fail or succeed? Fail and it doesn’t matter, they’ll sign someone else up. And I’m not trying to bash on WW and those who have seen awesome results. My beef is with this arrangement, and more so with McDonald’s.

Who am I to talk? Hell, take a look. Here’s your poster child for McDonald’s…

Nothing screams healthy living like a 54″ waist line, with elastic built in for extra room. There’s your proof of how “healthy” McDonald’s really is.

This move won’t change behavior. I’d argue that it will only encourage unhealthy eating as I said above. I would have used it to justify my unhealthy eating…it can’t be that bad, right?

Yes, it IS that bad. You can’t get healthy eating that crap. If McDonald’s wants to shed the unhealthy label and truly be seen as healthy, then serve healthy food. Don’t repackage the same garbage, don’t polish the same turd and pass it off as something new.

More later!

7 Responses to “Article: McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets branded ‘healthy’ by Weight Watchers – What is this? I don’t even…”

  1. Lynda Lou says:

    OK…Not that I am defending this BUT…After years of yo yo dieting on WW and after meeting with a Nutritionist I see now how WW is NOT the best option. They know people are going to walk into a McDonalds with their kids and are trying to give them point options when they are there. WW only bases their options on points and not if it is truly a healthy choice. I was actually mad when E and I got our new insurance info and it would reimburse WW up to $300 a year…While I am glad that is an option meeting with my Nutritionist at my gym is not. There are so many better weight loss options out there. I know there are thousands out there changing their lives on WW but when you really dissect the program it is way to easy to do it the wrong way and who monitors that? They never look at your food journals…at least none of the locations I have been too. Sooooo…I am not defending this because we all know the only thing we SHOULD be getting is a side salad and a bottled water…I mean look at the amount of fat grams in the items they are listing as “healthy”. But the way they use the program when you walk in and our on WW you know you can grab an under 10 pt option. Unfortunately, uneducated dieters will rely on this thinking it is “healthy” and that is unfortunate =(

  2. Steve says:

    My issue actually isn’t with McDonalds. They are what they are and people going there pretty much know what they are getting. McDonalds is just trying to make money doing what they do best, selling unhealthy food.
    My issue is with Weight Watchers. Shame on them for clearly selling out on the “healthy” aspect of weight watchers and weight loss purely for the all mighty $$$.
    They clearly are as concerned about healthy choices as much as the pink campaign is concerned about curing cancer.

    • cubicle dad says:

      I didn’t even get started on WW! I think McDonald’s is trying to rebrand themselves with little, real change. It bothers me. Some people do buy into that, and think they can get healthy eating this.

  3. Crysta says:

    Many people are so focused on “fat free,” “sugar free” and other buzzword labels that they’ll embrace the WW label on McD meals without a second thought. Sure, these may be healthier than other McD options, but they’re far from healthy. As I head home from grad classes at 9 PM two nights a week, the only things open in Union Station are McDonald’s, Mrs Field’s, and a bar. No matter how hungry I am, I know that even McD’s “healthy” options will make me miserable the next day. But that’s – sadly – our society. Why offer truly healthy options when labeling a couple McD menu items is “good enough” for most? The WW partnership just reinforces this.

    • cubicle dad says:

      I can’t even smell them without feeling nauseous. While I was eating it heavily, shortly before deciding to get healthy…I’d go eat there and then 20 minutes later I felt sick.

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