Long run recap, running with an old friend

Originally I wasn’t going to post about my “long run” this week. Coach Jen had me down for a nice and easy 1:05:00. But the run turned out to be a great reminder and provided me with some positive reinforcement.

I wasn’t sure when I’d run as Pam’s schedule, while about to shift to something stable next week, was up in the air. Things just sort of fell into place and I ended up getting the run in yesterday.The best part? I got to run with Dave Wallach, my mentor and friend. Yep, the guy I ran the majority of my long runs with my first year training, my wing man, the guy who gave me a second chance and kick started this journey. Dave was there every step of the way for my first marathon.

I was excited to run with my friend again. To say it’s been a while would be an understatement. This was the first time we’ve run together in over a year. The last two times were during the marathon and a recovery run at the end of October 2010.

I woke up and checked the weather, holy effing crap, was it cold out…a whopping 14 degrees! Yikes! I layered up, even breaking out the mask for the first time this year and the heavy duty Under Armor tights. I made my way up the Edens to meet Dave.  We met up in the New Trier parking lot where we met pretty much every time we’ve done our long runs together.

It was like old times, like we’ve been running together every week since. We hugged and got moving quickly because it was effing cold. We were out before sunrise so I brought my Knuckle Lights along. The trail was pretty clear and I was surprised at the number of people who were out running already!

As we ran we quickly caught up on life- our families, work, training, sports and blogging. We talked about the reasons why I moved my blog off ChicagoNow and talked about my new blog there with Phil Castello, Project D.A.D.- Division of Awesome Dads.

And then, as we hit the half way mark of our run, it hit me. I realized we were in about the same spot, with in a quarter mile, of the turn around from the first time Dave and I went on a training run together…my first 5 mile run on New Year’s Day, 2010. Dave was coming off an injury then too, and was himself just getting back into running after the ’09 marathon. I thought about the parallels between that run and this one, as well as how far I’ve come since that first training run- and I smiled.

We ended up running 5.5 miles. We walked a bit, stretched and headed for the cars. It was fun. Dave posted a “thank you” on my facebook wall yesterday. Honestly, I think the run together was good for both of us.

It helped me remember what’s important. The run was a reminder of a super kick-ass year that I won’t ever forget. It also showed me I am on the right path. I didn’t run for banners, murals or to get famous. I ran because I needed and wanted to make a change and to get healthy.

Sure, there have been naysayers and doubters along the way who have tried to bring me down. A couple of years ago, I probably would have listened and bought into their crap. Now? I just ignore them and do my thing. I’ll choose hard work, determination and confidence over drama, negativity and excuses any day! And the results are showing. I’m the healthiest and lightest I’ve ever been in my adult life. I’m happy and feel centered. Making some awesome life long friends along the way was an added bonus.

Running with my friend and mentor, the guy who helped give me this gift, made this the perfect way to end a rest week. I feel rejuvenated and ready to tackle the weeks ahead.

I’m a lucky guy. With that said, Dave…thank you. I needed that! Now, when are we running together again? How about next week?

More later!

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  1. Sue says:

    What a nice way to check in with yourself and look back on the progress you’ve made. Sounds like a great run.

  2. Maggie says:

    Awesome!! I so agree with everything you posted – hard work and achieving goals is so much better than drama and an “I can’t” attitude. Plus the side effects (weight loss, improved help) are pretty great!

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